Location & Lifestyle

Location & Lifestyle

Find the perfect home & neighborhood and live happily ever after

Find your perfect home with this helpful guide


What is the ideal location for your new home?

What is your maximum commute time and distance?

What is your work address?

Are schools important? If so what school district(s) do you desire?

Is there a particular view you are seeking, lake, trees, skyline, no rear neighbors etc. ?

What else is important about your location you feel I should know about?



Describe your lifestyle.

What do you enjoy doing at home – cooking, entertaining?

Do you have pets that need to be fenced in?

Does your home need to accommodate any special needs?

Do you do a lot of entertaining?

Will anyone else be spending more than an occasional overnight stay (for example parents or grandchildren) extra rooms/basement may be something to consider.


Do you have a preference for when your house was built?

Do you want a home in move-in condition or are you willing to do some work?

Do you desire a swimming pool or hot tub?

Are you looking for particular structures such as pole barn, shed or greenhouse?

How many stories?

What lot size would you like?

What architectural styles do you prefer?

Do you want a porch or deck?

What size and style garage –  1 car, 2 car, attached, or detached.

BEDROOMS: How many bedrooms do you need?

BATHROOMS: How many bathrooms do you need?

KITCHEN: What features must your kitchen have – breakfast area, open style, granite counters, appliances?

If you need a dining room, what size dining room table does it need to accommodate?